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My New School!


After 15 years living and teaching in Japan, I've finally started my own school! I've taught in public schools and in private language schools, and now I can make my own curriculum for students.

I wanted to have my own school for different reasons. The biggest one was just to be in charge of my own business. My father was a small business owner, and now I am one too. As well, I can think a lot more about how students should be taught. All students, kids and adults, have their own pace, and it's best that their lesson fits with them. I want to think about teaching, not about contracts. The third reason is that I want to work from home. With a wife and daughter, time together is very important. Teaching from home is a great way to stay close to my family.

I like living in Motomachi, and I'm excited to work here now too!

#英会話 #夢





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